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Let the Good Times Roll! Head-to-toe self-massage with Yoga Tune Up therapy balls (Great Falls Yoga, Great Falls, MA)

  • Great Falls Yoga Great Falls, MA USA (map)

Let’s face it: modern life sits us in front of computers all day, slumps us in front of the TV at night, and puts a host of stresses on the body that create aches and pains. This workshop will give you tools to work out the kinks on your own at home. As Patanjali tells us in sutra 2.16, future pain can be avoided.

Advantages of self-massage: the roll-down low-down:

  • Release physical tension. Learn techniques to soothe your personal hot spots.

  • Relieve stress. Stress seems epidemic these days. Knead your physical form to relax the mental and emotional layers of your being.

  • Breathe more freely. Physical tension and postural habits impede the breath. Unblock your respiration and repattern your carriage.

  • Deepen your asana practice. Stretching is not the only—or even, sometimes, the most effective—way to increase flexibility. Self-massage breaks up adhered tissues to improve mobility. The balls also awaken unconscious body areas; improved body awareness leads to more skillful movement.

  • Reveal yourself to yourself. Map your physical form and explore the mental and emotional states that self-care can evoke.

Along the way you’ll learn a bit of anatomy. Yoga teachers and other bodywork professionals will glean strategies that can be used with clients.

Alleviate pain and stress, move more freely, and breathe more easily. You’ll take a set of balls home with you, so you can roll whenever and wherever you wish. Come get the ball rolling. 

$35 non-members/$30 members (includes balls). $25 non-members/$20 members (BYOB)