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Let Your Breath Have a Ball: Therapy Ball Self-Massage and Pranayama Workshop (Zen Place Kichijoji, Tokyo)

Release stress and breathe more freely.

This workshop is for you if:

  • You suffer from tension-related shoulder and neck pain

  • You're curious about delving into pranayama practices

  • You breathe

Tension in the neck, shoulders, and trunk can restrict breathing. The inverse holds true as well: stilted breath can result in shoulder and neck pain.

In this workshop we'll use Yoga Tune Up therapy balls to release tissues that, if seized up, can impede full breathing. You'll learn self-care techniques to relax at the end of the workday and to ease painful neck knots. You'll improve your capacity to breathe well and will discover your breath through a new lens. Then we'll explore some classic pranayama techniques to take advantage of your newfound relationship with your breath.

You'll go home with a repertoire of self-massage techniques to soothe aches and pains and with tools to initiate a pranayama practice or to inspire your regular pranayama practice.