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Shrug Off the Burden: Therapy Ball Self-Massage to Release the Shoulders (Yi-Fan Yoga, Lai Yang, China)

Unburden yourself physically, emotionally, mentally.

Feel like you're carrying the weight of an enormous sphere on your shoulders? These little spheres can alleviate the physical and emotional stress.

Postural habits, occupational hazards (jutting your head forward to stare at a computer screen for eight hours a day), and the worries that accompany everyday living all contribute to shoulder tension. As a result, shoulder and neck pain have become epidemic.

In this workshop we'll use Yoga Tune Up therapy balls to soothe tense tissues and to repattern postural bearing. We'll open up restricted areas and awaken blind spots. Yoga practitioners will learn new ways to prep the body for shoulder openers, yoga teachers will glean techniques to use with private clients, and everybody will discover ways to strip away stress and fatigue.