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Asana Inside Out: Understanding Anatomy Using Yoga Tune Up Therapy Balls (Tokyo, Japan)

What muscles are you feeling when your thigh "burns" in warrior 2? What muscles prevent your hands from reaching the floor in a standing forward bend? (Hint: "hamstrings" is not the only answer!) This workshop is for yoga students who wish to learn the answers to these questions and for movement teachers who wish to refresh or deepen their understanding of functional anatomy. We'll use Yoga Tune Up therapy balls to locate many of the major muscles involved in yoga asana. Learn the role muscles play to create poses and which muscles resist when you enter a posture. This workshop will illuminate your practice and clarify your teaching.

  • Locate major muscles in your own body and learn how they create or resist yoga poses.
  • Refresh and deepen your understanding of anatomy.
  • Gain a new means to "open" a muscle or body area. Classic stretching is only one method!
  • Give yourself a lovely massage while you learn. Massage calms the nervous system and a quiet brain is more receptive to information.