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Time to Play on the Furniture: Chair Backbends and Inversions (Beijing, China)

  • Kamal Yoga Beijing China (map)

This ain't your granny's yoga. Sure, chairs can make yoga more accessible for practitioners in need of greater support and stability, but they also can present deep backbenders and seasoned inverters with a new set of challenges.

In this workshop you'll use the yoga chair to:

  • Warm the body up for deep backbends and inversions
  • Refine familiar backbends and inversions
  • Access (or approach) poses that have seemed unachievable to you
  • Configure new backbending shapes
  • Down-regulate your nervous system with restorative inversions

Were you the kid who always got in trouble for playing on the furniture? (I loved to turn the living-room couch into a fort.) If you shared my naughty tendency, this workshop is for you. Permission to play!