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Stand Up for Chair Yoga: A Chairs Workshop for Teachers

  • Kamal Yoga Beijing China (map)

The ability to incorporate chairs into your teaching repertoire will make you a more versatile, more marketable instructor. Chairs provide a tool you can use with private clients and in corporate settings--even if props aren't available in these venues, there's usually a chair around. Knowledge of chair modifications will enable you to work with less able-bodied populations. Introduce chairs into your regular classes to spice things up and present your students with a new challenge.

In this workshop you'll learn how to use chairs to teach three categories of poses:

  • Standing poses
  • Using chairs to create stability (effective especially for seniors and students working with destabilizing conditions)
  • Using chairs to create deeper stretches and to access hard-to-stretch areas
  • Using chairs to clarify alignment
  • Backbends
  • Using chairs to make backbends more accessible
  • Using chairs to create deeper backbends
  • Using chairs to prepare the body for deep backbends and inversions
  • Inversions
  • Using chairs to protect the neck in sirsasana
  • Using chairs to make sarvangasana and halasana restorative poses

During the workshop, you'll learn the purpose of each chair asana, the benefits of each chair asana, and some common pitfalls/challenges you'll need to address with your students.

Come enrich your teaching skills and add a new skill-set to your teaching résumé!