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Awaken Your Heart with Backbends (Beijing, China)

  • Kamal Yoga Beijing China (map)

OK, that title is way too hippy-dippy for me. But it's also true. Backbends enliven and energize. That's why they feel so good. They also create a heightened emotional state. Sometimes that heart opening inspires us to optimistically embrace possibility. Other times it registers as vulnerability. This powerful category of yoga postures affords us the opportunity to explore the ever-shifting condition of the human heart from a place of vibrancy.

While backbends offer a variety of rich benefits, they're challenging shapes to create without pain or injury.

In this workshop you'll learn:

  • The mechanics of backbending
  •  How to properly prepare the body for deep backbends
  • How to protect the lower back in backbends
  • How to modify backbends for lower back, shoulder, and wrist conditions
  • The anatomy of the spine and hip

Curious about the rope wall? We'll "tie up" our long, uplifting backbending practice with rope wall restoratives to traction the spine, pacify the nervous system, and quiet the mind.